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I'm Jan and I write and speak to empower women. I am an author, speaker, mentor and health coach. I have been a career business woman for many years.

3 Comments on “Funny and Helpful Hints About Aging and Growing Older”

  1. Donna McCord
    Hi Jan! I agree with your hints about aging gracefully! I will be 65 this year, which used to sound old to me, but now does not! I truly don't feel much different than when I was 30 years younger, other than I think I am a little wiser and more in touch with who I am as a person...probably more patient and definitely more compassionate. And i agree that eating well, exercise and good sleep are key components to feeling well no matter what your age may be! So much of what keeps us "young" is our attitude and our ability to love ourselves and then love others as we love ourselves! Our inner spirits, as well as our bodies, need to be kept healthy and fed well, exercised and allowed to experience renewing rest!

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