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I'm Jan and I write and speak to empower women. I am an author, speaker, mentor and health coach. I have been a career business woman for many years.

7 Comments on “Transition Phases – Dealing With Life Changes”

  1. Tina
    Jan, that was such a lovely blog post! I'm in constant transition and fearful of many things. I'm mostly fearful of the unknown because not knowing frightens me. I honestly hate change, but II knows its required to grow.
  2. Ten Things To Say About Gifts You Don't Like - Funny! | Abundance, Encouragement, Happiness, Humor and Smiles | Jan R Miesse
    […] Living in the present – is the present you give yourself. Reaching out to others in need or during illness is a gift worth having the time to give. Enjoy each minute in order to know that your goals for tomorrow have foundations. Your path everyday will lead you to more wisdom, better decisions and gratitude for the days as they come. […]

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