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I'm Jan and I write and speak to empower women. I am an author, speaker, mentor and health coach. I have been a career business woman for many years.

2 Comments on “Humorous Women In The Dressing Room”

  1. dapperdolly
    That's so funny, I've done that plenty of times when it comes to trivial things I've asked for other's opinions even though I was going to do/wear what I wanted anyway! It doesn't happen all the time though, I find that when there's a hint of uncertainty, simply elongating the time taken thinking about it means you'll go with what you want and that's what asking for the opinions of others does - gives you more time to get over your uncertainty by thinking to yourself 'sod it, I like it and I'm wearing it!' Of course it can go the other way, but if you really like something and are a teensy bit unsure of how it will be received, taking more time can help you build up the confidence necessary to wear it well.

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